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Red Allures

It’s no secret that red makes a statement.

Businessmen wear red ties as a “power move” and women wear red lipstick when they’re feeling fierce.

But what does the color red really do for us? Does it just make us feel a certain way, or does it really change how people see us?  


Research shows that wearing red makes you appear more alluring.

One reason this happens is that people’s skin becomes flushed (redder) when they are sexually aroused. As a result, red has been linked to passion, lust, and sex in our culture.

Did you think that the alluring effect of wearing red only worked for women? Not the case! Men are also more attractive when they wear red.

And guess what? We’re all completely unaware of this the power of red. On average, we’re more attracted to people wearing red, but we don’t register the effect the color has on us.


No brainer. Want to stand out and appear more attractive? Wear red! It doesn’t have to be a little red dress or an all red tuxedo. A red shirt could do the trick.

Knowing all this, we hope you feel even more confident next time you wear red!


Red, rank, and romance in women viewing men. (2010) Elliot, A.J. et al. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 139, 399-417.

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