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Wesley Moons, Ph.D.
CEO & Chief Scientist
Dr. Moons has spent almost two decades examining how emotions shape human physiology, behavior, and decision-making. As an affective neuroscientist, he applies many techniques to uncover consumers' reactions to products, services, brands, and marketing strategies.
Julie Campbell, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Dr. Campbell specializes in how people learn and retain new information. She is specifically interested in how to enhance that process and increase long-term recognition and recall of content.
Jacqueline Chen, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Dr. Chen studies how people make split-second judgments without even knowing it. Her research examines the experiential and cultural factors that shape immediate reactions.
Carmel Saad, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Dr. Saad explores the many ways in which culture shapes our judgments, decisions, and preferences. She specializes in understanding how multiple cultural influences can jointly impact someone's momentary feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
Jennifer Spoor, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Dr. Spoor examines how social interactions in groups influence judgments and decisions. Specifically, her work reveals how emotions spread across members of a group and impact their decisions, including investment decisions.
Amy Jurgenson, M.A.
Research Analyst
Amy's background and training in clinical psychology help her further her interests on attention processes. Amy is interested in what gets and holds people's attention.
Michelle Sadeh, M.A.
Research Analyst
Michelle's expertise is on enhancing communication using validated strategies. By shifting how you present content, you can create more positive responses to content, speakers, and authors.
Chace McGuyer
Associate Analyst
​Chace uses Python, R, and SQL to build predictive models and implement Machine Learning. He uses models like k-nearest neighbors, linear and logistic regression, and clustering to draw insights from data.

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